Video Games and ADHD in children

There you are, nagging your son again to get off the computer. I’ve been there for sure. I am certain that my son could spend all day on the computer if I let him. I monitor the games he plays and for the most part, they are all rated G however, the enormous amounts of time spent playing them seems wasted to me. Get out and play! Read a book! His ADHD diagnosis makes it hard for him to transition to another activity and when he gets involved in something he likes, he could spend hours completely engrossed in it’s every detail. There are so many studies on the impact of video games on children’s minds, habits, perceptions of the world- some good, others bad. It’s often confusing to know which ones are current and evidence based. Please join me in learning more at a FREE webinar on March 5, 2015. Let’s learn together!

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