Family Walking Through Autumn WoodlandFamily dynamics facilitate and reinforce patterns over time so identifying areas where the family feels disconnected can be the missing link in positive change. I work with families together and individually to help identify areas where each member feels misunderstood and utilize open communication so that everyone can be heard. Family members often talk over one another and expect  negative outcomes which causes the others to put up defenses. I provide a safe and calm environment where each person can be heard and understood.

Family Therapy is a combination of individual psychotherapy and family therapy catered to what the family (system) needs. Each person within the family has a role and is essential to the process of the family. If one person in the family is in pain, the family as a whole will be in pain. Thus, the family as a whole will need to heal. Family therapy supports individuals and the family in addressing conflict, communication and dynamics.

Ultimately, we all want family harmony, let me help you get there.