Female Student Carrying Backpack With Students In BackgroundAdolescents often need assistance with self-esteem issues as a result of bullying, peer pressures and/or sexual issues. Depression and anxiety are often seen in the adolescent years as well as behavioral issues as a result of past or current abuse and/or trauma.

Does your adolescent daughter:

  • Exhibit low self-esteem
  • Distrust her body
  • Disrespect her sexual energy
  • Experience a major change in personality
  • Suppress anger or act aggressively
  • Confront authority
  • Disregard her inner wisdom
  • Make unhealthy choices

Teenage Boy Using Laptop In Bed At NightDoes your adolescent son:

  • Lack confidence in his ability to produce results
  • Rage
  • Believe his thoughts are disrespected
  • Think he is often ignored
  • Take advantage of naiveté and innocence
  • Lack a protective drive towards others
  • Objectify females
  • Feel threatened and “weak”

Students in a school hallwayI specialize in working with Adolescents to address issues such as

  • ADHD
  • anxiety/phobias
  • obsessive/compulsive disorders
  • grief and mourning
  • self esteem
  • depression

Please check out the “Groups” page to see the “Self Esteem for Girls” group that is held all throughout the year.